Resource Articles by Dr. Hess

Bipolar disorder is not the same as the normal ups and downs every kid goes through. Bipolar symptoms are more powerful and extreme than that.

Concerning symptoms can include:

  1. Severe and recurring depression
  2. Explosive, destructive or lengthy rages, especially after the age of four, often parents saying that they feel afraid of their own children
  3. Extreme sadness or lack of interest in play
  4. Severe separation anxiety
  5. Talk of wanting to die or killing themselves or others
  6. Dangerous behaviors, such as trying to jump from a fast moving car or a roof
  7. Grandiose belief in own abilities that defy the laws of logic (possessing ability to fly)
  8. Sexualized behavior unusual for the child's age
  9. Impulsive aggression
  10. Delusional beliefs and hallucinations
  11. Extreme hostility
  12. Extreme or persistent irritability
  13. Telling teachers how to teach the class, bossing adults around
  14. Creativity that seems driven or compulsive
  15. Excessive involvement in multiple projects and activities
  16. Compulsive craving for certain objects or foods
  17. Hearing voices telling them to take harmful action
  18. Racing thoughts, pressure to keep talking
  19. Sleep disturbances, including gory nightmares or not sleeping
  20. Drawings or stories with extremely graphic violence

Children and teens with bipolar disorder need to get treatment. With the right kind of help that is often a combination of medication and counseling; most can manage their symptoms and lead successful lives.

**If medication is suggested, utilize only under the strict supervision of a medical doctor who is well versed in both Bipolar disorder and psychotropic medications.